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The Master Series brings together experts, originators, innovators, and groundbreakers who change the dialogue around their areas of expertise.

Bringing expertise to a global audience

The Master Series uses online platforms to share vital information from pivotal presenters as economically as possible with a diverse audience around the world. Each master class focuses on one Big Idea to unearth the nuances of theoretical frameworks, explore concepts, and reframe our thinking about the world we all live in and the experiences we have in it. Ensuring this critical information is accessible to a diverse audience and augmenting our paid programming with valuable complimentary content is central to our work.


Next Program: The Pain Edition

Pain Edition

february 2023

In previous editions, we learned that unresolved trauma manifests in our bodies, but we haven’t fully explored the impact that has on our present. The relationship between trauma, mental anguish, and chronic pain is well established. One in five of adults live with chronic pain, with traumatized individuals being twice as likely than the general population to experience this.

What can seem even harder is trying to help someone else pain find hope, both in a professional and a personal context. But, armed with the right knowledge, it’s possible and we can contribute to helping our friends, clients, and selves out of suffering.

In The Master Series: Pain Edition, we will explore how pain connects with trauma and learn what we can do to address that relationship through our practice. Join us in February as we calculate the cost of pain on our mental health, consider the relationship between the pain we feel and the legacy of our past, and explore vital healing methods, techniques, and practices we can use to move towards a pain-free future.

Previous Editions


We feel shame in our bodies – mortification in the pit of our stomach, an aching in our chest, seething anger with no home but inside ourselves, shame can activate an overwhelming desire to bury failure and prevent deep connection that we know is so critical to a full life. These feelings are unbearable, paralyzing, and we are biologically disincentivized to unpack and shed light on them because of the deeply visceral and uncomfortable sensations we experience when we revisit our shame and humiliation.

During this Master Series, we welcome esteemed presenters Deran Young, Terry Real, and Pat Ogden for a careful examination of how we identify shame and it’s immediate, persistent, and generational impacts on our lives. 

Connection Edition

Connection, and its absence, is an incredibly powerful force that shapes our world in profound ways. When we experience disharmony in our relationships, mismatches where communication breaks down, we repair through synchrony to restore connection.
When those incongruencies go unrepaired, it impairs our ability to have the depth of honesty we need for a fulfilled life. 

The Connection Edition will consider the role connection plays in human development and how and why we must repair connection after a rupture.

Imagination Edition

Imagination is a tool that, for better or worse, lets us see ourselves on a path not yet written – or to rewrite one what we believed to be unchangeable. We know that the ability to imagine and reimagine is crucial to processing trauma, but accessing imagination is not always a simple task. Therapeutic interventions that center imagination ask us to reconceptualize the past, future, and our internal world, breaking down the barriers that prevent us from seeing new possibilities and paths. Where we were stuck, our imagination, leveraged in a therapeutic setting, has the capacity to liberate. The Imagination Edition considers the role of imagination in our lives and how it can be accessed.


Research shows that substance abuse, suicide, chronic disease, depression, and both being the victim and perpetrator of violent crime and sexual abuse are all predicted by trauma. Untreated trauma diminishes our ability to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and these attachment ruptures interfere with our wellbeing and resilience. But trauma can be addressed, and when it is, our ability to form the lasting, meaningful, healthy relationships that are so critical to our sense of security is restored. The Trauma Edition explores how we understand trauma, its impact on our lives and cultures, and the interventions designed to address it.

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