Treating Trauma With Technology – The Birth of the PhysioCam

Guest blog from Benjamin Fry Trauma is a mental health problem. Isn’t it? Not everybody would agree: Peter Levine’s famous quote is that “trauma is in the body and not in the event.” Therefore, there is something not simply ‘mental’ about it. Nonetheless, in the real world, where insurance, government policy, regulation, and red tape

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Why Imagination Is a Vital Recovery Tool

When we hear the word ‘imagination,’ we often think of children creating an epic fantasy world to live inside for a little while. However, imagination goes well beyond this. Unbeknown to many, imagination is a key tool in recovery. From alleviating mental health conditions such as anxiety to aiding stress management and boosting positivity within

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Borderline Personality Disorder and Early Trauma

Borderline Personality Disorder ushers in an agonizing cycle of behavior that feels tough to escape. Indeed, in the past, many in the mental health profession felt that the condition was largely untreatable but because of the work of researchers and professionals like Dr van der Kolk, the prognosis for successful treatment is now much greater.

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