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Brand new for this year we are introducing our Seven Track system – a tailored approach to the conference that supports you in following your chosen area of expertise and experience level. While these tracks are not prescriptive, they serve as helpful guides, providing you with a structured framework to navigate the rich content and choose sessions aligned with their interests and professional development goals.

  • Medical Track: Tailored for individuals intrigued by the intersection of trauma and medical care, this track features speakers such as David Nutt and Bessel van der Kolk. Topics span Addiction, Psychedelics, and Preventative Health, offering comprehensive insights into the future of medicine.
  • Advanced Psychotherapist Track: Ideal for experienced psychotherapists seeking to diversify their practice, this track includes speakers such as Richard Schwartz and Benjamin Fry. Delve into topics such as Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Technology for an enriched professional perspective on trauma.
  • Intermediate Psychotherapist Track: Explore innovative approaches to widespread mental health experiences including grief and pain. This track features experts such as Mel Pohl, Les Aria, Jeanne Cantazaro and more to be announced.
  • Foundational Psychotherapist Track: A starting point for those passionate about understanding trauma and psychotherapy’s real-world impact. This track boasts speakers such as John and Julie Gottman, Frank Anderson, Ruth Cohn, and Aimie Apigian, with topics covering Trauma-informed media, EMDR, and The Ethics of Self Care.
  • Leadership Track: Focusing specifically on the professional impact of mental health; speakers such as Terry Real, Deran Young, and Richard Schwartz share wisdom on burnout, workplace bullying, and diversity, offering insights for inspiring leadership.
  • Parent / Educator Track: With speakers including Dan Siegel, Ed Tronick, Fiona Yassin, Heather Hayes, Gauri Seth, and Caroline Welch, this track provides unique insights into parenthood, the responsibilities of childcare and the emotional education of future generations.
  • Embodiment Track: Serving as a complementary element to the six main tracks of the conference the Experiential Pathway is aimed at enhancing the overall participant experience by incorporating hands-on, sensory, and interactive sessions. This is your opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of activities such as breathwork, dance and music, that go beyond traditional lecture-style presentations. 
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