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About Addcounsel

Addcounsel offer premium mental health services in London. They are the only company in the UK to pioneer the one-at-a-time treatment approach for addiction and mental health disorders. They work with individuals and families worldwide to provide very discreet, highly individualised treatment.

With a mission to de-institutionalise addiction and mental health treatment, the team at Addcounsel are hand-picked from the best mental health experts in the UK, “We’re committed to helping people to live more fulfilling lives. London has long been considered the epi-centre of mental health treatment in Europe. I am lucky enough to have worked with the most talented mental health practitioners in the UK over the last seven years”, states Paul.

Rather than adhere to a prescribed, or one-size-fits-all approaches to treatment, the medically-led, multi-disciplinary team at Addcounsel will consider the whole person in their diagnoses, ensuring their mental, physical and spiritual needs are met.

They will receive in-patient treatment at one of fifteen luxurious and private residences in central London, where a team of highly trained clinicians and therapists will work with them to recover.

Central to Addcounsels philosophy, is its commitment to preserving the privacy of its clients. To support long-term recovery, they have developed a robust after-care programme that works with the individual to help prevent relapse giving them the tools they need to make great choices and live a happier life.

“Clients may come into one of our residences as in-patients for a short time, but we know the real work starts when they return to their own lives in their own environments. The Addcounsel after-care programme ensures that one-to-one support is continued long after they are discharged from our in-patient care” explains Farrukh Alam, Addcounsel’s Medical Director.

Paul Flynn is a CEO who has overcome mental health issues and gone on to become a leading player in the premium addiction and mental health treatment space, all achieved in a relatively short amount of time.

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