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Sponsor: Collectively Rooted

Collectively Rooted

Collectively Rooted supports experts and organizations through various projects in the field of mental health. We collaborate with and represent like-minded people who are passionate about making a meaningful impact in the community.

The Collectively Rooted team provides:

  • Operational support & consulting
  • Business development
  • Enhanced strategic planning
  • Speaker engagement representation & management
  • Project management & program support

Our Mission

To provide business consulting and operational support to organizations and experts in the mental health field who want to share their knowledge with others.

Our Vision

Build a collaborative mental health network to create a positive and meaningful impact in the community.

Our Values

Supportive · Attentive · Creative · Collaborative

  • We care for you in the way you need to be cared for
  • We explore interesting concepts and create space for new ideas to come to life
  • We believe collaboration can lead to positive change
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