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Sponsor: Sensate

About Sensate: A key to calm

As stress and overwhelm corrodes the mental and physical health of the people around us, we believe that people with the practitioner skill set have a vital role to play in supporting others. Our mental and emotional fitness will become critical to facing not just our personal challenges, but in solving the big global challenges of our time.

Sensate is a wearable device and companion app created to reshape how we approach stress management. Harmonizing age-old wisdom with a deep understanding of the physical world; our goal is to empower as many people as possible to reduce anxieties, enhance sleep quality and above all, to fortify their resilience and anti-fragility. To create space and a method of intervention to interrupt the cycles of trauma and fear that impede the opportunity for change and growth.

A Vision for Thriving: Bridging the Gap from Clinic to Mass Market

The inspiration behind Sensate comes from Stefan Chmelik. Leading in the realms of integrated healthcare, holistic well-being, and pioneering wellness technology, Chmelik founded the New Medicine Group in 2004, a prominent establishment acknowledged as the leading Integrated Healthcare Team in the United Kingdom. The group was distinguished by its cumulative clinical experience spanning across 300 years, operating from an esteemed historical edifice situated on the renowned Harley Street in London. Chmelik’s experience working with thousands of patients at the New Medicine Group led him to identify the pressing need for scalable stress reduction solutions in modern society, culminating in the establishment of Bioself Technology in 2015.

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