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Sponsor: White River Manor

White River Manor

Surrounded by majestic beauty in the heart of the stunning African bushveld, White River Manor provides the perfect tranquil environment for discerning individuals seeking professional help for addiction, trauma and burnout. With decades of professional experience in addiction and wellness treatment, the Manor was founded in 2015 with passion and purpose. This classic country hotel – a stately heritage home nestled in a 100-year old lush garden – was soon transformed into a world-class facility offering luxury accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated commitment to your recovery.

Jerry, Jeanine and Giles started White River Manor with the vision of creating a world class treatment Program set in a unique five star facility. With the core values of treating our clients with dignity and respect and catering to their needs we set out to offer our clients a therapeutic process that we believe is a “life changing experience”. We are proud of what we have established and we continue to seek out the very best to continually improve and remain at the forefront.

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